Magnum Grille Guard Series Front Bumpers

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ICI - Innovative Creations Inc. is now expanding into a new category with our ever-popular Magnum Bumper Line. A Grille Guard option is now available on select Vehicle Makes/Models on our Magnum Front Bumpers. There have been many different versions of Grille Guards, everything from a Ranch, Frontier, Lineman, Journeyman, and even the old Cow pushers style bumpers to have been around for over 3 decades, and they have never evolved until NOW!! ICI's in-house engineering continues our tradition of Innovation by creating a Grille Guard first of its kind. ICI's NEW Grille Guard Series of bumpers. With the price of trucks now in the range from 50-90k, trucks are just not used for work anymore. Today's trucks are upgraded with all the luxuries and are some of the finest automobiles produced. ICI wanted to create a Grille Guard that represents that statement.

ICI Grille Guards offer a sleek design that conforms and compliments the lines of the vehicle. The outside wings attach to the bumper with custom stand-off locations to accommodate the vehicle’s headlights and providing a cleaner look. To match the radial curve of the front of the truck, ICI roll forms the 1.75 diameter tube to identically march the radius of the hood and grille of the truck. The Grille Guard 1/4in UP-Rights are tied into our internal bracketing which in turn are tied directing into the mounting brackets that are installed on the trucks Frame; essentially creating a TRUE One-Piece Construction Grille Guard and Bumper. This provides maximum strength and support for real world driving conditions and performs providing real front end protection when driving on the back roads of the forest or ranch, to the urban jungle of today’s city streets.

Magnum Grille Guard Bumpers Offer:

- 1.75in Diameter Tubing
- 1/4in UP-Rights Tied Directly to Mounting/Frame Brackets for One Piece Construction
- Radial Roll Formed Tube Identically Matches the Radius of the Hood and Grille of the Truck
- Custom Stand-Offs to Accommodate Headlight Tubes for more Open Clearance and Cleaner Look<
- 3 Piece Bracket Assembly
- 3 Stage Coating Process with Matte Black Powder Coat Finish (Raw Finish Optional
- Made in the U.S.A.


WARNING: Some products may contain chemicals such as DEHP, which can cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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