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ICI - 'Premier' and 'Advantage' Dealer Programs
Here at ICI we are committed to partnering with you. We understand that the most effective way to build a long-lasting relationship is to work together. Our customer service has built a reputation of excellence around the unmatched quality of our products which has created one of the most sought-after aftermarket accessories lines in the industry. Stocking millions of dollars in inventory across over one hundred thousand square feet of warehouse, we offer high order fulfillment rates which help you in growing sales as soon as the demand comes in. The ICI Dealer Programs are designed to support our National Dealers with high quality products that are known for their durability, price point, availability and ability to customize to their liking.
ICI's Dealer Programs are also available from these fine Distributors:

Why Become a Dealer?

ICI Sales and Marketing Support
Innovative Creations Inc realizes the importance of merchandising, stocking and marketing our products. We provide a variety of POP marketing displays, banners and catalogs as well as various programs to help you drive sales even further. We currently offer a 12 page catalog for both new and existing ICI product lines, Magnum Bumper and Magnum RT POP displays which show off the high quality of our Magnum line and banners for our Trophy Bumper line, Baja Bumpers and Side Step lines and our "Do It Yourself" YouFab line of Heavy Duty Bumpers. For those that prefer to be online, we offer a user-friendly website that allows the counter staff to look up part numbers using our Make-Model-Year selection tool or our full digital catalog. We offer all our dealers, both physical shops and our online retailers, a variety of new content nearly daily to keep a demand high, which means more customers through your doors!

When you have completed filling out the dealer form, please contact us at and attach the document. We will get back to you ASAP!

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